The English Lake Shooting and Fishing Club (Toad Hall)
LaCrosse, Indiana

Located 5 miles southeast of LaCrosse, the English Lake Shooting and shooting club consists of nearly 30 acres of farmland, bounded on the south by the Kankakee River. The club was formed in the early 1880’s by Chicago business men who were sportsmen interested in hunting and fishing. The main building (club house) dates form this same period. The clubhouse structure is a 2-1/2 story wooden frame Greek Revival Building with subtle Arts and Crafts influences. The property contains farmland with crops, grassy areas with gentle slopes, while the river is lined with mature sycamore trees.

The new owners contracted the firm of Eifler & Associates to reposition the building to a riverside location, and then undertake an extensive rehabilitation of the club house into a weekend retreat for a Chicago family. Eifler & Associates also designed and oversaw construction of two compatible structures on the grounds – an 800 square foot warming hut and a 1,200 square foot garage. The original guest house was rehabilitated in 1997. The original wetlands of the site were re-established as part of an overall landscape plan as designed by Wolff Clements & Associates.

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