The Seth Peterson Cottage
Mirror Lake, Wisconsin

The Cottage was designed in 1957 for Seth Peterson by Frank Lloyd Wright. Unfortunately both Wright and Peterson died during construction of the cottage. The second owner completed construction of the cottage and used it as a weekend retreat until the State of Wisconsin DNR purchased the land as part of a park expansion program in the 1970’s. Consequently the structure stood abandoned until 1988.

Eifler & Associates was retained by the Seth Peterson Cottage Conservancy and the State of Wisconsin to complete a Historic Structures Report and provide Architectural Services for the complete rehabilitation of the Cottage. Today, with the help of the various public agencies and private foundations, this historic structure can now be rented by the general public as a vacation retreat, providing individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of living in a Frank Lloyd Wright residence.

The Seth Peterson Cottage has received awards from The American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation. The house has been featured in Architectural Digest (February, 1993), Building Renovation (March 1993) and Progressive Architecture (April 1993). Mr. Eifler has also published a book entitled Frank Lloyd Wrights Seth Peterson Cottage – Rescuing a Lost Masterwork in 1997 that document the rehabilitation effort.

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