Balch (Pearson) House
Oak Park, Illinois

Designed in 1911 by Frank Lloyd Wright for O.B. Balch, the house represents Wright’s first residential work after his return from Europe. The front elevation of the house is very formal and symmetrical, which contrasts with the asymmetrical composition of the rear elevation of the house.

After purchasing in 2000 the current owners determined that the house had not been maintained as it should, and, like most homes built in the early 20th century, did not possess a plan consistent with current lifestyles. Eifler & Associates was retained to serve as restoration architects for the house, and to design a kitchen and family room addition sympathetic to the original design.

Exterior improvements included the removal of layers of non-original stucco and installation of a new stucco finish, rebuilding of the front terrace, exterior trim restoration, window repair, the installation of a wooden trellis at the roof removed in the 1920’s, and various structural improvements to repair deflecting porches, window headers and roof overhangs. The addition was planned to minimize impact on the property, and is placed directly behind the dining room at the north end of the lot, allowing convenient access to the dining room from the kitchen. The family room projects into the rear of the property, allowing ample sunlight and direct access to the yard. The project was completed in 2005.

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