The MacLeod Residence
Kenilworth, Illinois

The MacLeod Residence was originally constructed in 1902 for the Sears family who were a well-known family in Kenilworth at the turn of the century.

Built on an attractively landscaped and spacious property, the house had undergone a number of insensitive alterations and additions through the years. An initial study of the structure concluded that the entry stair hall was the only remaining interior historical component of the house. The owners elected to undergo a complete and thorough rehabilitation, which included not only the replacement of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, but also the installation of new windows and exterior plaster. Sunroom, family room and master bedroom additions were constructed to the side and rear of the original house, and a spacious outdoor terrace was installed for summer entertaining. New interior finishes were installed and were designed to be consistent with the Arts and Crafts style of the home, and included a new kitchen, bathrooms and wooden paneling and trim. Although the house was initially listed as a “teardown” due to the extensive work required rehabilitating the home, the MacLeod House now stands as a testament to the viability of retaining the charm and character of historic homes in Kenilworth.

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