The Lunn Residence
Evanston, Illinois

Eifler & Associates was retained to update this Midwestern interpretation of the classic colonial four-square house. The extent of the work included updating the bathrooms, various repairs and repainting of the exterior and the design of a substantial kitchen and family room addition. One of the owners is an enthusiastic chef, and the addition was designed so that the kitchen would be efficient, unique, and act as the “hub” of daily life in the household. A circular form was chosen for the kitchen component, as it provided for views of the front and rear yards, and further linked the house with its colonial origins through the use of an historic form. The family room addition is set immediately adjacent to the eastern property line, providing for a spacious terrace and recently landscaped rear yard to the west. Finally, a new garage was constructed in line and direct north of the family room to minimize impact on the property and maximize convenience. The project was completed in 2002.

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