Graceland Cemetery
Chicago, Illinois

Graceland Cemetery is an historical site for a number of reasons, most notably the individuals located within its walls. Historical research and a review of the Graceland Archives reveals that its notoriety was also due to the architects and the artists who contributed to its development. The final landscape plan, largely designed and implemented by O. C. Simonds, incorporated the first use of landscape material native to the Midwest and was by far the most significant characteristic of the cemetery.

Eifler & Associates, in association with Landscape Architects Wolff/Clements Associates has been retained by the trustees of Graceland Cemetery to perform an historic landscape survey, develop an historic structures report, and restore buildings monuments and landscape of the Cemetery. The scope of work includes architectural, landscape and monument restoration recommendations, master planning, and the development of guidelines for the construction.

Currently areas of Simond’s “prairie” landscaping are being reintroduced and restoration of selected monuments is underway. Eifler & Associates designed a steel fence and gate based upon the originals designed by Martin Roche in 1888, which was completed in October 1997. The restoration of the Waiting Room Building has been completed and the Administration Building is under construction.

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