Gasperi Residence
Racine, Wisconsin

The Gasperi Residence is constructed on farmland adjacent to the remains of an old barn. Early in the design process the owners expressed a preference for a design which evoked a rural character, comprised of a “collection” of buildings, similar to a typical farm grouping. The house is clad in cedar siding and large-scale asphalt shingles in order to reinforce this image. Modest in size and scale, the building is designed to take full advantage of sunlight and views of a pond to the north. The residence is heated by means of a radiant hot-water floor system and cooled by conventional means. The house was completed in 1992 and was featured in the annual “houses” issue of Fine Homebuilding in March 1993 and the “Turn of the Century” housing exhibition at the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago in March 1994.

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