The Energy-Efficient House
Grays Lake, Illinois

Sited on the north bank of a lake in northern Illinois, the Energy Efficient House began as a single-family home for a young couple who anticipated raising a family. Eifler & Associates designed a home which was efficient and inexpensive to build, yet took full advantage of the southern exposure for solar heating and views to the lake. The home was to built utilizing panelized housing construction, wherein the walls, floors a roof framing were to be built as large panels assembled in a factory and delivered to the jobsite. The panels were then to be hoisted in place by crane, and joined together with fasteners by the general contractor, thereby saving 20% in rough framing costs and 40% savings in construction waste. Each room was situated as to enjoy the lakeside views and be partially heated by the southern exposure. West and East-facing windows were minimized, and northern-facing windows were made operable to allow air circulation and reduce the need for air-conditioning. Supplemental heating and cooling was to be provided by a forced-air mechanical system which utilized a geothermal piping set into the bottom of the lake. The house represents a reasonably-priced solution to the energy-efficient house problem. Preliminary estimates indicate that 2300 s.f. house could be built for less than $350,000.

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